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The Occupational Disease Claims Agency (OD-CA) assist people across the UK every day with occupational diseases to seek compensation. We are leading specialists in providing compensation for work related illnesses (known as Occupational Disease or sometimes Industrial Disease) and injuries at work.

If you find yourself needing specialist legal advice as a result of an accident at work, injury at work, or illness due to work, choosing the right company to help is the most important decision you have to make. If you want to make a claim for industrial disease or injury at work then please fill out our online claim form and we will contact you shortly.

We specialise in a number of industrial diseases and injuries, from carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger and repetitive strain injury (RSI), to dermatitis claims, hearing loss claims, asbestosis claims and even Mesothelioma claims, which is a type of cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Claiming for an industrial disease or injury at work can be a daunting prospect and a sensitive time for you and your family, especially if it has resulted in a serious change in your lifestyle. Our dedicated and experienced team are focused on providing the best possible service to help make your occupational disease claim as easy as possible.

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Information Forum

claim against BT for hearing loss and tinnitus
Date Posted : 01/07/2013

 I worked for BT for 14 years as an engineer. Most of my days were spent at those little green cabinets, where I would use a pair of headphones to listen to test tone occilators to examine the lines. The noise made by the occilators was very loud and very high pitched, and I would be left with ringing in my ears after using them. After 14 years of this I think it has damaged my hearing. I left in 2003 but in the last year or two the tinnitus has gotten worse and keeps me awake at night. It's horrible. I've also started turning the TV up and I struggle to hear people talking in pubs and restaurants. I've got a hearing test at the doctors next monday. do I need to ask him anything?

Obviously I'd like to claim against BT for this, and I've seen there's lots of people who've been successful already. Any advice welcome.

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Civil engineer with HAVS / white finger
Date Posted : 28/06/2013

Hi. Just found out i have white finger or havs. Worked on the roads and water ways for the last 10 years using mainly kangos and jackhammers, some disc cutters and stihl saws too. My work don't adhere to the vibration regulations.. can I claim against them?

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RSI from computer
Date Posted : 28/06/2013

 I've recently been diagnosed with RSI in my shoulder and wrist by the occupational doctor at work. I work in a call center, long hours. We get plenty of breaks so I can't complain there, but I don't feel as though my workstation is right. I'm very tall for a girl (6 foot 2) and I'm quite hunched over my keyboard. They gave me a better chair but the desk is still too low. I've asked them to modify it for me but they haven't done it yet, and its been 6 months since I first asked. Can I put in a claim against them for it?  

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ringing in my ears/tinnitus claim
Date Posted : 25/06/2013

I've got tinnitus in my ears now, I used to work on a chalk quarry driving plant machinery in the late 1980s for 4 or 5 years. Had no hearing protection, so i think thats why its happened. What do I do to make a claim? and can you claim for work that long ago?



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industrial deafness claims - how long ago can it be?
Date Posted : 25/06/2013 Hi mark, Im doing a deafness claim with helpuclaim at the moment. They said it should take around 12 months, if the defendant agrees to settle. But if they put up a fight it could take up to 18 months. hope that helps. Phil View Post

Latest News

Families of Merseyside asbestos victims secure landmark court ruling
Date : 10 Mar 2011

TWO families have won groundbreaking legal claims to compensation for their Merseyside relatives’ exposure to asbestos.

In separate cases, relatives of Huyton mother-of-two Dianne Willmore and Eastham-based Enid Costello were awarded damages after convincing courts their deaths were related to “low level” asbestos exposure.

Last night, legal experts said the Supreme Court ruling could pave the way for similar claims nationwide.

Mrs Willmore, 49, was awarded £240,000 damages after convincing a High Court judge in July, 2009, that her time as a pupil at the former Bowring Comprehensive School, in Huyton, caused her incurable lung cancer.




Source : www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk
Link : http://www.liverpooldailypost.co.uk/liverpool-news/regional-news/2011/03/10/families-of-merseyside-asbestos-victims-secure-landmark-court-ruling-92534-28311231/

Virgin lounge masseuses sue airline after developing RSI
Date : 10 Mar 2011

Beauty therapists Jayne Evans, 40, and Michelle Hindmarch, 35, each developed chronic muscular strain – including pain in their shoulders, upper back and wrists – after giving intensive shiatsu massages at the airline’s Terminal 3 “Clubhouse” lounge at Heathrow.

Their barrister, Theodore Huckle, told the High Court that both women were “devastated” at being forced to abandon their careers as a result of their injuries.

Muscular aches and pains mean the women cannot carry out a range of household tasks including peeling carrots or “taking the Sunday roast out of the oven”, the court heard.

Mrs Evans, who still works for Virgin Atlantic on the administrative side, is seeking £327,000 compensation from the airline for exposing her to the risk of injury, while Mrs Hindmarch is claiming £235,000 in damages.

Source : www.telegraph.co.uk
Link : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/8366027/Virgin-lounge-masseuses-sue-airline-after-developing-RSI.html

Company fined after exposing workers and the public to asbestos
Date : 08 Mar 2011

A refurbishment company has been fined after workers and the public were exposed to asbestos in a Leicestershire village

Shengxuan Company Ltd was converting a shop in Borough Street, Castle Donington, into a restaurant on 16 June 2010.

Part of the work involved converting an integral garage into a storeroom but in doing so, workers disturbed asbestos-containing materials. This was then put in a skip by the workers, who were unaware of its presence or its risks.

Source : www.hse.gov.uk
Link : http://www.hse.gov.uk/press/2011/coi-em-16111.htm

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